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Featured Students

Preston N., January 2016

March Slav, Tchaikovsky

Philip S., September 2014

Composition by Philip S.

Jacob S., October 2014

Tristam and Braken - Flight as covered by Jonah Wei-Haas

Mikaela, January 2015

Autumn Leaves & Song for My Father on Mallet Kat

Alana S., February 2015

March from the Nutcracker Suite, Tchaikovsky

Chandler M., March 2015

If I Only Had a Brain from Wizard of Oz

Mayu N., October 2015

One Night from Fantasy Railroad in the Stars

Yujiro N., October 2015

Running Through the Stars from Fantasy Railroad in the Stars

Ava M., October 2016

Angel of Music, Andrew Lloyd Weber

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