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Notewrothy Music: Bringing Lessons to You, piano lessons, keyboard, instruction, Columbus, Ohio, Grandview, Upper Arlington, UA, Dublin, Hilliard

  In-Home Lessons - Currently online due to Covid-19  

Noteworthy Music, home of some of the greatest teachers in Central Ohio, now offers online lessons to help keep our community safe while still providing high quality instruction with great equipment in order to continue to offer part of a well rounded education for our students.

Jazz, Classical, Pop, and more - you can do it all on piano! Whether you want to work on fundamentals or become a virtuoso, we have an instructor for you.  Schedule a free lesson to learn piano now.


Following your dreams to become the next sensation? Basic to advanced, and any genre you chose, we’ve got you covered!  Learn guitar now.



Learning your first band instrument? Or maybe you have bigger aspirations to dot the "I" in Ohio or play Military Taps? Trumpet, Tuba, Trombone, and more!

Clarinet & Oboe

Did you know that these instruments have reeds? And that the Oboe uses a double reed? Learn about these topics and more as you discover the versitility of these instruments!


Don't know the difference between a violin and a fiddle? Now is your chance to find out! Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, we have you covered.


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Whether you want to learn Puccini's Quando m'en vo, your favorite Broadway hit, or the newest pop tune, you will learn proper vocal technique, diction, and health.




Learning to play a drum kit is a great way to learn all about rhythm, but don't limit yourself! There are a host of instruments like Timpani, Castanets, Marimba - the list goes on!


Tenor & Alto Sax

Isn't the saxophone a brass instrument? Nope! It is actually considered a woodwind and uses a reed like the clarinet. Learn to play this instrument with your own style!

Flute & Piccolo

The sopranos of the group, these woodwinds are excellent for beginning band students. Advanced players can even sing while playing!


Improvisation, Theory & Composition

Learn composition, construction, listen for intervals, and topics like these to enhance your capabilities & appreciation for music you love.

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