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Notewrothy Music: Bringing Lessons to You, Guitar lessons, instruction, Columbus, Ohio, Grandview, Upper Arlington, UA, Dublin, Hilliard

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Although he serves as the President/CEO & Founder of Noteworthy Music, Tony Hagood continues to teach in-home lessons to stay connected with parents, students, and the community.


Tony's teaching method is designed to build upon students' musical tool-kit to develop essential piano skills. Students who develop a strong foundation in music, theory, audiation, and performance enhance their personal development the result of which is a well-rounded individual.  As an accomplished professional musician, very active in the Columbus music scene, it is his goal to provide quality music lessons to students of all ages.


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 Tony Hagood 

Piano, Keyboard


Louis Armstrong Jazz Award 2006

Free Tuition Scholarship to 2006 Band of America Summer Symposium

1st place Columbus Ohio Piano Gallery Jazz Composition Competition Outstanding recognition at Elmhurst College Jazz Festival 2008, 2010 Outstanding recognition at Notre Dame Collegiate Jazz Festival 2010

Noteworthy Instructor since August, 2014

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