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Quinton Jones  

Piano, Keyboard

I, Quinton Jones, began studying piano at 5 years of age but I hated to practice.... I loved music, and loved playing piano, but the tedious nature of practice seemed such a bore, I would much rather play outside.  As I got older and the music got harder the practice grew more and more tiresome, making it seem not worth it sometimes.  Then I got to perform.  The feeling of getting on a stage and creating beautiful art for all to hear is unlike any other feeling in the world, and it was at this moment I realized why the practice had to be there.  Looking back on my early career I wish I would have had a teacher who could make practice fun, parents who would hold me accountable, and the knowledge of all the amazing things to come to inspire me.  I write this not to discourage, but to inspire. 


From there I went on to study piano performance, organ performance, and music composition from Capital University, studying abroad in Hungary at the Liszt Academy specializing in the Kodály method (a way of music education designed just  for young children).  After graduation I went on to get my masters from The Ohio State University.  Currently I am employed at multiple churches as both a pianist and organist, am on faculty at Capital University, play for the OSU dance department, accompany for CATCO under the CAPA branch, and play freelance jobs all around the central Ohio area.  I believe in a diverse education, covering many different types of music, intense study to facilitate better learning, motivated practice sessions, but most of all fun.  Music is pure joy, a joy that deserves to be shared with the world.


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Noteworthy Instructor since September 2015

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